Munich—your destination for a successful event

The metropolis in the heart of Europe boasts a first-class airport and a diverse selection of hotels. Munich is also known for its excellent level of safety.

Europe’s central hub

With its central location in the heart of Europe, the Bavarian capital is the perfect venue—easy and convenient to reach from anywhere. The prestigious 5-star Munich airport is one of the top airports in the world and offers 149 direct flights within Europe and 195 worldwide. In addition, more than 250 long-distance and 500 local trains pass through Munich Central Station every day; it connects all German and European cities with the Bavarian capital. With a wide range of 455 hotels, the city has the ideal structure to guarantee your guests a comfortable stay.

Science and business metropolis

Munich is regarded as the leading business location for DAX companies and is the number one high-tech location in Germany. Companies such as BMW, Allianz and Siemens are just a few of them. Not only nationally but also internationally renowned companies have their headquarters here. From industry giants such as Microsoft Germany, Google Germany, IBM and the Chinese Alibaba Group to Apple, these global players are shaping the city’s economic life.

But Munich offers more than just established market leaders—the thriving start-up scene, innovative medium-sized companies and the up-and-coming digital scene contribute significantly to the dynamism and diversity of the business location. The Isar Valley is also one of the world’s leading technology locations. With 17 renowned universities, the city is educating the future elite who research, found companies and drive innovation here.

Together, this forms the ideal environment for your event—whether it’s a trade fair, corporate event, conference or congress.

Leader in sustainability

Munich is actively committed to environmental protection and sustainability in order to create a green and livable city for all residents. The city’s goal is to be climate neutral by 2035. To this end, the city is pursuing ambitious goals to reduce its ecological footprint and promote sustainable development.

  • Renewable energies: Munich is pursuing a holistic strategy that replaces the use of fossil fuels with renewable heat, primarily from geothermal energy.
  • Waste avoidance: Munich wants to become a Zero Waste City by 2035.
  • Sustainable mobility: 1,500 electric scooters, 1,500 MVG bicycles and over 1,200 DB Call-a-Bike bicycles are available within the city. Out of a total of 3,300 cabs in Munich, there are 30 electric taxis and 334 hybrid eco-taxis. In addition, almost 300 hybrid buses are in use in the city.
  • Green spaces and biodiversity: Munich offers over 50 parks and green areas—a unique combination of nature, city and recreational value.

Munich can host major events

As the third-largest city in Germany, Munich offers an outstanding infrastructure that has proven to be ideal for hosting major events of all kinds:

  • Munich Security Conference—the world's leading forum where high-level policy makers, diplomats and experts from around the world to debate the most pressing international security issues
  • Oktoberfest—the largest folk festival in the world with around six million visitors per year
  • Concerts by international stars like Adele, Robbie Williams and Taylor Swift
  • Major sporting events such as the Football World Cup 2006 and the European Football Championship in June 2024
  • IAA MOBILITY—one of the largest automotive trade fairs in the world with over 500,000 visitors
  • bauma—the world’s leading trade fair for construction machinery and construction vehicles with half a million visitors from 200 countries

Where innovation meets tradition

Munich is a city that combines tradition and innovation like no other, while retaining and preserving Bavarian hospitality. In surveys on the most livable city and the most popular MICE destination in Germany, the Bavarian capital always comes out on top. With over 1,000 beer gardens and pubs and several Michelin-starred restaurants, it offers a unique opportunity to have relaxed conversations while at the same time expanding your network. The unique location at the foot of the Alps and lakes of Upper Bavaria and the countless green spaces in the middle of the city, such as the English Garden or the banks of the Isar, invite you to enjoy exciting activities close to nature.

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